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Hip hop and dance fans are better digital music consumers, new survey reckons

By | Published on Wednesday 3 August 2016

Music Business Association

Hip hop and dance music fans are more likely to both embrace and pay for new fangled digital music services according to a survey by US entertainment retailer trade group the Music Business Association (aka Music Biz). Or, maybe, those who like to embrace and pay for new fangled digital music services are more likely to be hip hop and dance music fans.

The stats are the latest to come from Music Biz’s previously reported consumer research tie up with LOOP. Having profiled the 3000+ American consumers it surveyed by genre preferences, LOOP found that 34% of the average dance music fan’s ‘listening time’ was spent with on-demand streaming services, compared to 24% for the overall average music fan. And for hip hop fans it was 31%.

Dance and hip hop fans were also more likely to listen via a smartphone than consumers at large, plus fans of the two genres were more willing to buy music-related products, with 31% of dance fans and 24% of hip hop fans saying that they had paid for a streaming subscription, compared to the overall average of 17%.

Says James Donio of Music Biz regarding his group’s latest stats pack: “This report gives Music Biz members key information on how to approach fans of every genre while revealing interesting trends around specific categories of fans. It is encouraging to see hip hop and dance fans embracing new forms of music distribution, and their willingness to pay for music products is one of many indicators that the future of the industry is bright”.

Meanwhile David Lewis of LOOP added: “These results confirm that, in addition to enjoying different types of music, fans of various genres also behave differently when it comes to their favourite listening methods, devices, and more. We hope this report will help readers better target fans of every genre to ensure the health of the overall music business”.