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HMV to return to Irish high street

By | Published on Tuesday 11 June 2013


HMV will return to the high street in Ireland; well, some high streets. The entertainment retailer is reportedly in the process of recruiting about 100 staff ahead of the reopening of three of its Irish stores, two in Dublin and one in Limerick.

As previously reported, when the HMV UK business went into administration in January, the Irish HMV company was wound down completely, with its sixteen stores shutting and about 300 staff laid off. However, since restructuring company Hilco bought a streamlined HMV UK out of administration, bosses there have been talking with some of HMV Ireland’s former landlords to see if rents could be agreed to make a revival of the Irish business a viable proposition.

The three shops due to reopen in the coming weeks are those on Dublin’s Henry Street and at the city’s Dundrum Centre, and the Crescent Shopping Centre branch in Limerick. Other former stores elsewhere in Ireland could also reopen, or the reinvigorated HMV may look for new stores. According to the Irish Independent, Hilco chief Paul McGowan said: “Deals have been done with landlords. It will take around six weeks, some stores have to be refitted, but Henry Street is ready to go”.