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Hop Farm Festival to return at new site

By | Published on Friday 25 October 2013

Hop Farm Music Festival

The Hop Farm Festival, which has had a rocky couple of years after its owner, Vince Power’s Music Festivals plc, went under, and then a planned 2013 event was cancelled due to poor ticket sales, will return in 2014. Though not at the Hop Farm. Where a new festival is apparently being planned. Possibly to be called the Hop Farm Festival.

So far, so confusing. Power, of course, reclaimed the Hop Farm Festival brand after the collapse of Music Festivals plc, and after the 2013 set back he says he is confident he can revive the event at its new home, also in Kent and not too far from the Hop Farm.

Noting reports that another festival is now being planned at his event’s original site, Power’s company said in a statement yesterday: “Reports suggest that another festival is to be hosted on The Hop Farm Family Park site, called the Hop Farm Music Festival, but this event has no association with the well established Hop Farm Music Festival. This is an unfamiliar event organised by an entirely different promoter and team. Despite the naming of this event it is not in any way connected with the esteemed Hop Farm Music Festival”.

Meanwhile, on the future of his Hop Farm Festival, Power told CMU: “I have been building the Hop Farm for six years now. Unfortunately due to the economic climate we had to cancel this last year, but the festival is not over. We have a strong brand in the festival market, an instantly recognisable festival and you can’t keep a good festival down”.