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Hudson Mohawke to release new LP this year

By | Published on Tuesday 12 March 2013

Hudson Mohawke

Scots mixologist Hudson Mohawke, Kanye West’s only GOOD Music collaborator to be based in Glasgow, says he’s making a new solo LP, so that’s ‘cool’. Apparently, it’s an “album album” and will be released “this year, definitely”.

It’s like he was saying to the NME the other day: “I’ve been working on it for a while and taking my time with it. Every month or two I’ll go back and do another couple weeks work on it. A lot of it’s been me saying ‘Yeah, I’m definitely using that’ and then I scrap it a month later because I don’t like it”.

An indecisive HudMo goes on to compare and contrast the tba new LP to his last one, 2009’s ‘Butter’, adding: “‘Butter’ was a collage of different stuff I’d done over the few years before that. This one is a bit more consolidated as a project. I want it to be like an album album, you know?”

Asked if the new set will be sample-based in the main, he answers “Yes, but there are also live instruments – strings, horns, trumpets… I wanted to make it more musical in general and less computer focused. I want to step out of the electronic bedroom producer role and move into a musician producer role”.

So there you go. Meanwhile, have an abbreviation of HudMo’s new track ‘Monte Fisto’ (as may potentially feature on the new LP) by pressing ‘play’ on this Adidas ad: