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Hype Williams’ Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland ‘no longer affiliated’

By | Published on Tuesday 13 August 2013

Hype Williams

In typically sideways style, the manager of CMU approvees Hype Williams, Denna Frances Glass, has claimed that the band’s one-time main players – Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland – are “no longer affiliated”.

That may mean Hype Williams itself is ending. Though, given Glass’s since-deleted message via the HW Soundcloud profile (confusingly named Cplnd), which was printed by Dummy and asks fans to “pls look elsewhere for Inga Copeland material”, chances are Copeland has taken off, leaving Blunt and other collaborators to carry on.

Which seems likely, as Glass’s declaration also adds that Hype Williams are releasing a thing (EP/LP/single, they haven’t said what) titled ‘A Bullet In Yr Eye Throwing Money To The Sky’ “soon”.

So, that’s informative.