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Playlist: The Go! Team

By | Published on Friday 28 January 2011

The Go! Team

The Go! Team’s debut album, ‘Thunder, Lightning, Strike’, was released in 2004 to widespread acclaim. Recorded by founder Ian Parton in his parents’ kitchen, the album was constructed out of myriad samples and trashy live instruments.

It was only when asked to perform at a festival that summer that Parton began to think about playing the songs live. Realising this would be a tough call, he conceived the live band almost as a separate entity to the studio recordings. The most obvious difference between the two sides of the project was the freestyle rapping of Ninja at live performances.

For album number two, ‘Proof Of Youth’, released in 2007, Parton made more use of the live band and other collaborators, including Chuck D. Two years of touring followed, after which Parton had a bit of a rest before getting to work on his third album, ‘Rolling Blackouts’, which is released by Memphis Industries on 31 Jan.

Musically very much in-keeping with the distinct Go! Team sound, ‘Rolling Blackouts’ features yet more exciting collaborations, including Bethany Cosentino from Best Coast, Satomi Matsuzaki from Deerhoof, and French singer-songwriter Soko.

Ahead of the release and UK tour dates, we asked Ian Parton to compile a Powers Of Ten playlist for us.

Click here to listen to Ian’s playlist in Spotify, and then read on to find out more about his selections.

01 The Sven Libaek Orchestra – Open Sea Theme
Libaek was an Australian library music composer. No other song has suited scuba diving so perfectly.

02 Daniel Johnston – Some Things Last A Long Time
Deeply sad stripped back song, made sadder when you know Daniel Johnston’s story.

03 Little Lisa – Choo Choo Train
An obscure little 60s soul song. I don’t know much about Little Lisa but I’m guessing she was a teenager when she sang this.

04 Serge Gainsbourg – Initials BB
I love the kinda espionage feel to this song. Serge is a badass.

05 Solex – Solex All Licketyspit
I love the chorus of this song, right up my street – catchy and strange. We were lucky to have Solex sing on our second album.

06 Boards Of Canada – Roygbiv
One of my all time favourite songs – public information films, vintage wildlife documentaries, schools TV programmes.

07 Best Coast – When I’m With You
Achingly simple and achingly dreamy – a band who keep the California myth alive.

08 Mantronix – Hardcore Hip Hop
The drums on this song are seriously amazing – that clap machine is super tough.

09 Broadcast – Black Cat
Ouija boards, Italian library music and eyeliner.

10 David Axelrod – The Mental Traveller
If you’ve never seen a photo of David Axelrod, he looks like the magician David Copperfield, but he sure made epic music…