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Ill health may have forced Lemmy to change his drink, but Motörhead will roll on

By | Published on Friday 14 August 2015


Ill health in recent years has taken its toll on poor old Lemmy off of Motörhead, who has told The Guardian that he now often walks with a stick because his “legs are fucked”.

But don’t worry, he adds that “apparently I am still indestructible”, and that he and Motörhead will continue for “as long as I can walk the few yards from the back to the front of the stage without a stick”.

Though the stick isn’t the only lifestyle change Lemmy has had to accept on the advice of doctors, with his customary Jack Daniels and Coke now off the menu, forcing him to drink, well, vodka and orange instead. “But I like orange juice better anyway” he said, “so, Coca-Cola can fuck off”.