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Indie label Steak Club launches with Krill album

By | Published on Wednesday 17 September 2014

Steak Club

Joe Parry from Division Promotions and Simon Morley, owner of the Blood & Biscuits label, have announced the launch of a new record label, Steak Club. The company’s first signing is US indie outfit Krill. The band’s album, ‘Lucky Leaves’, will be released in the UK on 17 Nov, while the downloadable edition is available now from Bandcamp.

Explaining how the label had come into existence, Parry told CMU: “It all came about because of Krill. I came across the album earlier this year via their US label Exploding In Sound and saw them live at SXSW. I became pretty convinced that ‘Lucky Leaves’ is one of the best albums of its kind in years and just sent it to all of my friends, talked about it on Facebook and Twitter and so on. Simon listened to and fell in love too, so I was trying to get him to sign them to Blood & Biscuits over here. We had a big chat about it over a Wetherspoons steak and, after a few drinks, it seemed to make sense to do it together, and Steak Club was born”.

On why he wanted to work with Krill in a label capacity, rather than just taking on their PR, he continued: “This might sound trite but we wanted to work with them in a label capacity because we are so in love with this album. For me it’s a completely new experience being on this side of it and to do it with someone who already runs an amazing, established label definitely makes it less terrifying”.

As for his ambitions for the new label venture, Parry concluded: “We both already work on an almost exclusively independent basis – at Division PR our roster is largely incredible independent artists – so we just want to continue in the tradition of labels that we respect who do this purely out of love. We’re starting to think about further releases, but at the moment our minds are pretty open”.

Listen to ‘Lucky Leaves’ UK bonus track ‘Peanut Butter’ here: