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Indie labels to join Friday’s climate emergency protests in London

By | Published on Monday 16 September 2019

Music Declares Emergency

Four independent record labels have confirmed that they will join the Climate Strike protests in London this Friday. The teams from XL, Young Turks, Full Time Hobby and Ninja Tune will meet at 11am at the Abraham Lincoln statue on the west side of Parliament Square, marching on to join other protestors at Trafalgar Square.

Millions of people are expected to join protests in cities all across the world later this week calling on governments to do more to tackle the so called climate emergency. Inspired by strike action taken by students and school children earlier this year, Friday’s marches and rallies are expected to involve a much wider range of people, who will demand governments the world over take more dramatic steps to deal with the causes of climate change.

XL, Young Turks, Full Time Hobby and Ninja Tune are all signed up to the Music Declares Emergency campaign, which seeks to rally the music community behind climate emergency initiatives, while also promoting more environmentally sustainable conduct within the music industry. More MDE activity is due to be announced very soon, but in the meantime other music people are encouraged to join the four participating labels for Friday’s protests.

They said in a statement: “By joining [Friday’s protests], we are adding our voices to those of students across Europe and beyond protesting at worldwide government inaction to combat climate change. Urgent action is needed, the current policies the UK government have in place are not sufficient. Our government needs a clear plan of action in line with the Paris Agreement On Climate Change, signed in 2016”.

More info about the wider campaign is available here: