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Indie types like Collins

By | Published on Wednesday 29 September 2010

Not only is Phil Collins at the top of the UK albums chart this week doing his Motown thing, but now trendy indie types have been saying how much they admire the drumming pop man.

According to Undercover, members of Sleigh Bells, Yeasayer and Neon Indian have all appeared on a Norwegian TV show praising Collins and bigging up his music, especially the pop-era Genesis oeuvre. Collins, at least, had the decency to be confused by the compliments, telling the show: “It’s very flattering that some people making music now, something I did rubbed off on them. I don’t understand it, I’m fascinated with it and very flattered”.

Collins also told the show he feels his music career is now behind him and he probably won’t tour again or make any more albums. Though I’m sure he’s said that before and, like I say, here he is at the top of the charts with a new album.