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Jack Antonoff announces partnership with Jamie Oborne and Dirty Hit

By | Published on Wednesday 23 August 2023

Jack Antonoff has announced a new partnership with artist manager and Dirty Hit founder Jamie Oborne. Under the new alliance, Oborne will manage Antonoff and his band Bleachers; the Dirty Hit label will release new music from the band; and Antonoff and Oborne will launch a new joint venture business. Things are very busy in the world of Antonoff and Oborne.

Unsurprisingly, Oborne is “THRILLED” about all this. “During the freezing weeks of January 2022, I had the opportunity to spend time with Jack and was immediately captivated by his exceptional creative power and warmth”, he says.

“Aligning myself with such talented individuals is a true inspiration, driving both my professional and personal life”, he goes on. “I am grateful for the faith he has placed in me and the entire team at Dirty Hit. Moving forward, we are eager to support Jack as one of the most culturally impactful and significant artists of our generation. This is just the beginning and exciting times lie ahead!”

Antonoff adds that he is “very proud to be working with Jamie and his entire team – we’ve known each other for some time now and our connection has deeply inspired me. [It] feels so special and rare to be supported like this and [I’m] just very grateful our paths crossed”.

For those of you now busy updating your Jack Antonoff business partner charts, you should also note that he has shifted his publishing from Sony to Universal, following his long-term publishing A&R Jennifer Knoepfle, who made the same move last year.