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Jack White tells fans to lock phones away at upcoming shows

By | Published on Thursday 25 January 2018

Jack White

Jack White has become the latest artist to ban mobile phones from his live shows. He said in a statement that he wants his upcoming US dates to be a “100% human experience”.

A statement informs fans that White and promoter Live Nation “think you’ll enjoy looking up from your gadgets for a little while and experience music and our shared love of it IN PERSON”.

While some artists’ phone bans don’t stretch much beyond putting up a few signs, ticketholders at White’s shows will be required to put their phones in a Yondr phone pouch. This allows fans to keep their phones with them, although they will not be able to access them while watching the performance.

Those unable to go the full distance without tweeting or adding something to their shopping list will be able to get into the locked bags in special areas outside the main auditorium.

Of course, people like to share photos and video of shows they attend. White recognises that, and has arranged for official photos of each show to be posted on his website immediately afterwards. “Repost our photos and videos as much as you want and enjoy a phone-free, 100% human experience”, says the statement. I think people actually like to share their own shitty photos, but rules are rules.

Exactly what will happen if someone is found to have snuck a phone into a show without locking it in a bag isn’t clear. Last year, A Perfect Circle had fans caught taking photos while the band performed ejected from venues.