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Jackson family planning to appeal ruling in AEG lawsuit

By | Published on Wednesday 9 October 2013

Michael Jackson

The Jackson family are planning to appeal the ruling in their long running legal battle with live giant AEG, according to media reports.

As much previously reported, the Jacksons wanted AEG, as promoters of the late Michael Jackson’s ill-fated ‘This Is It’ venture, to be held liable for the king of pop’s demise, because it hired Dr Conrad Murray, the medic jailed for causing the singer’s death through negligent treatment.

But, while a jury ruled that AEG had hired Murray as Jackson’s personal medic, they said that bosses there couldn’t have known that Murray, as a licensed doctor, would act negligently. Therefore AEG was not held liable for Jackson’s passing.

Confirmation that the family will appeal the ruling seemingly comes from Tom Mesereau, the lawyer who successfully defended Jackson in his 2005 child abuse trial. He told reporters: “I spoke to them. They are going to appeal”.

The attorney also hit out at Murray, who continues to insist he was not responsible for Jackson’s death, even as he reaches the end of his jail term for manslaughter. Murray also recently said he thought the Jacksons v AEG case had in some way vindicated him. Commenting on the doctor, Mesereau added: “Unless he tries to change his attitude I have contempt for him. I hope he admits responsibility, but I doubt it”.

It’s not clear who would represent the Jacksons in any appeal. US media report that their chief lawyer in the original case, Brian Panish, worked for the family on a no-win-no-fee basis, and as such lost out on legal fees in the region of £4.5 million because of the ruling.

Though legal reps for the Jackson family matriarch Katherine, who was the main plaintiff in the case, have denied other reports that she was regretting having ever pursued the litigation following last week’s ruling.

A source told TMZ: “Any reports that Katherine Jackson is feeling remorse for filing the wrongful death lawsuit are completely untrue. Mrs Jackson feels the lawsuit is very important, and that so far it has proven that AEG did in fact hire Dr Murray”.

Said source went on: “The lawsuit has also confirmed that Michael Jackson was an outstanding father, son, humanitarian, and human being. [Katherine] hopes that the lawsuit will change the way that entertainment companies treat their talent”.