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Jacksons present arguments for appeal in AEG case

By | Published on Wednesday 4 December 2013

AEG Live

Legal reps for the Jackson family have filed documents outlining their case for an appeal hearing in their high profile battle with AEG Live.

As much previously reported, the Jacksons wanted the live music giant held liable for the death of Michael Jackson, because it hired Conrad Murray, the doctor convicted for causing the late king of pop’s death in 2009 through negligent treatment.

But after a long court case, a jury ruled that it was reasonable for AEG to assume that a licensed doctor would provide safe treatment, and therefore was not negligent in approving Murray as Jackson’s personal medic while he worked on the ‘This Is It’ project.

The Jacksons announced their intent to appeal that ruling almost immediately, and filed initial appeal documents with the court last month. And now, according to TMZ, Katherine Jackson’s lawyers have provided various reasons why an appeal should take place. Amongst them are allegations of jury misconduct and other procedural errors during the original trial and, apparently, new evidence.

A judge will now rule on whether Jacksons v AEG Take Two should be allowed to proceed to court.