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Jake Bugg calls Nashville songwriters “complacent”

By | Published on Tuesday 18 June 2013


A number of “the biggest names in songwriting” based in Nashville are “complacent” according to Jake Bugg. Speaking to The Daily Star, the musician said that a recent trip to Tennessee to work with some of these songwriters had turned out to be a bit of a disappointment.

“I thought I’d learn something, as these were the biggest names in songwriting. But they’d got complacent”, he said. “They were presenting songs they’d already written, not caring what I wanted. I had to say: ‘No mate, let’s get our guitars out and see what happens together’. It was really disappointing”.

Honestly, imagine not wanting to sit down for any length of time with Jake Bugg. Perhaps the aging songwriters were worried about all the hiding from ‘the feds’ they’d have to do if he skinned up ‘a fat one’. Or maybe they just thought, perhaps, that he had very little to offer them in terms of helping out with that whole songwriting thing.

Anyway, Bugg, who earlier this year sparked a minor feud with One Direction after criticising them for working with outside songwriters, added that he felt justified in doing so himself, saying: “I’m still very young, and I should soak up what I can learn from people with more experience. I’m taking it on board, so I can step into writing on my own eventually”.