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Jake Bugg doesn’t want to work with you

By | Published on Thursday 2 June 2016

Jake Bugg

If you want to collaborate with Jake Bugg, you’ll have to go and ask him yourself. He’s not going to come to you, so don’t sit there waiting. But you should definitely go and ask, he sounds like such a nice guy and a great person to work with.

Speaking to Bang Showbiz, Bugg said: “Most of the people I’d like to collaborate with probably aren’t alive anymore. We’ll just have to wait and see [if I work with any other living artists]. I’m not the kind of person to go asking people. If people want to ask me and they have a pretty decent idea then I’ll maybe be up for it”.

That’s right, he’s not going to come up with any ideas either, so don’t be thinking he will. Come along with your own idea, though, and he’ll sort it out for you. Maybe. Probably not. Unless it turns out that you’re one of the people who was ‘probably’ dead but is actually alive.

Anyway, Bugg’s new album ‘On My One’, which he’s made a big show of making without any help, is out on 17 Jun. Although I’m sure he’d say that he could have told you that himself.