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James Arthur “moves on” from Syco

By | Published on Friday 13 June 2014

James Arthur

You know how the tabloids are always saying that James Arthur has been dropped by Syco, and then he’s all like, ‘No I haven’t!”? Well, yesterday he put a stop to all that by announcing that he’s been dropped by Syco.

Actually, he said he had decided to “move on and do something different”. But we all know what that means, really.

He tweeted: “Just to clear things up – I am no longer with Syco. I would like to thank all at the label for making a great record with me. I now have to move on and do something different – the future is bright! #LOVE”.

Arthur’s career since winning ‘X-Factor’ back in 2012 has been one filled with controversy, not least when he was accused of homophobia and racism, due to some homophobic and racist lyrics in one of his songs.

He got in further lyrical trouble earlier this year when he included the line, “I’m gonna blow up your family like I’m a terrorist” in a new song, ‘Follow The Leader’. Arthur denied that there was any need to be angry, saying that the track was written as a letter from “a demented fan” akin to ‘Stan’ by Eminem.

‘Follow The Leader’ also contains the line, “I’d fucking wear you to dinner like you’re a pair of clogs”.

Please remember, this song is about a fan – James Arthur does not wear clogs to dinner. I hope that’s not why Syco dropped him.