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James Blake releases sleep-including album

By | Published on Tuesday 24 May 2022

James Blake

James Blake has released an album designed to put you to sleep. I’d try to make a joke about it, but there are so many of these things now, what is there left to say? It’s amazing any of us is ever awake.

Now available in album form, ‘Wind Down’ was originally created as a soundscape for sleep app Endel, which uses AI to build a personalised sound journey from wake to sleep. Or something like that. They say it’s all backed by neuroscience though, and that’s quite a long word.

“The ‘Wind Down’ soundscape I created with Endel lets me explore the more ambient side of my music and create a project to support people in a new way”, says Blake. “It’s mesmerising to hear how my music blends with the science-based sounds of Endel’s AI and I think we’ve invented something not just beautiful or even meaningful, but truly practical”.

Endel CEO Oleg Stavitsky adds: “Artists are learning that there are new tech- and science-enabled formats for expressing their creativity, new ways to engage listeners and play a role in their lives. They can draw on their same sounds and ideas to make a variety of experiences, and Endel’s functional sound can serve specific wellness and mental health purposes, enhancing focus, relaxation, and sleep”.

Meanwhile, Endel’s Head Of Artist Relations Konstantin Elchev says: “It’s important to us that we collaborate with artists who are genuinely interested in what we do. From the first call with James, he was clearly passionate about ambient music and excited to experiment with our AI engine. I’m really proud of how the soundscape turned out and happy we’re bringing an adapted version to streaming platforms”.

Yes, indeed, that’s why we’re all here, isn’t it? To listen to this new album version of the soundscape. You can listen to it here (warning: may cause drowsiness).