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James Blunt demands NME award he won thirteen years ago

By | Published on Friday 24 May 2019

James Blunt

James Blunt cornered an NME reporter on the red carpet at yesterday’s Ivor Novello Awards and demanded a trophy he has still not received from the publication’s own ceremony. Blunt won the Worst Album prize at the NME Awards in 2006.

“I’m working on some new music that I know you lot at NME will absolutely love”, he said, when asked what he was up to these days. “I actually won an NME Award once upon a time, but you never sent it over. Why haven’t you sent it? Are you too tight to send it over? Is money too tight?”

Actually, at most music magazines, money has been rather tight for some time now as print titles die and music websites struggle to make any cash. Though NME has just got itself a buzzy new owner and it must have some spare (Singapore) dollars lying around.

“It’s just really mean to get an award and not send it”, Blunt went on. “I’d put it in pride of place, right above my bed so I could look up at it and see it every day. That would be the best award in the world to have”.

The NME reporter attempted to steer conversation back to Blunt’s new music. But see if you can spot where the musician took back control of the conversation again. “I am in the studio. I’m having a really good time. I have stuff to write about. I’ve just bought a pub as well. It’s called The Fox & Pheasant, right by Chelsea Football Club. You’ve got to come down. Bring the award. Shake on it. I’ll give you a pint if you do”.

Can someone get word to James Blunt that I am willing to exchange insulting trophies for beer? In fact, tell everyone.