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James Murphy sues DFA co-founder Tim Goldsworthy

By | Published on Tuesday 5 March 2013

James Murphy

Former LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy is suing producer and one of his fellow DFA Records co-founders Tim Goldsworthy over alleged “improper use of company funds”.

DNAinfo reports that Murphy filed a lawsuit in New York on Friday, seeking payment of $93,899. The lawsuit claims that this sum was obtained by Goldsworthy through breach of contract, failing to pay back loans, improper use of a company credit card and making unauthorised withdrawals from its bank accounts. It also states that “attempts to amicably resolve this matter were rebuffed”.

Signs that all was not well within the DFA camp first arose in 2010, when the company’s third co-founder Jonathon Galkin told Resident Adviser that one-time Mo Wax man Goldsworthy was no longer involved with the company, saying: “Tim Goldsworthy moved away to somewhere in the United Kingdom, without informing anyone here at DFA. We have had no word from him since he left the United States. So, we moved on with our lives and our business. Simple as that. He most definitely took a piece of us when he left, but we wish him the best with whatever he gets up to next”.

Whether that “piece” was just under $94,000 isn’t clear, just as Goldsworthy’s actual status at DFA wasn’t at the time. He subsequently refuted Galkin’s claim, saying that he was still a co-owner of the company and had simply moved back to the UK because it was where most of his production work took place and he felt it was a better place to bring up his children.

Goldsworthy’s legal status as a company executive is actually confirmed by Murphy’s lawsuit, though his actual involvement in running DFA in more recent times would seem to have diminished at the very least. Neither Goldsworthy nor Murphy have as yet provided any comment on the lawsuit.