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James Murphy to direct short film

By | Published on Thursday 16 August 2012

James Murphy

Now for a new phase of James Murphy’s quest to stay relevant post-LCD Soundsystem; James Murphy is overseeing a short film, with director Ron Howard as his mentor. It’s for Canon cameras’ ‘Project Imaginat10n’ initiative, which invites celebrity types to create cinema shorts inspired by user-uploaded photos. It’s all so very new, so very ‘now’.

Talking to Pitchfork about his first directorial foray, Murphy says: “It’s pretty funny and very strange, I’m weirded out and flattered at the same time. A lot of things aligned. I think having it based on photos is cool. I’m a still photographer – I like pictures and I don’t like that they’re so disposable now. I’d like if people take their pictures seriously”.