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James Murphy to open New York wine bar

By | Published on Thursday 14 May 2015

James Murphy

Former LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy will open a wine bar in New York’s Williamsburg district next month. Called The Four Horsemen, it will seat about 40 people, serving food and a range of 160 wines, all in an acoustically “tuned” environment.

“We keep calling it a wine bar because we want to underpromise and overdeliver”, Murphy told the New York Times of the venture. “It has to be economically sustainable. It’s not a vanity project”.

Of the acoustic “tuning”, which uses similar techniques to recording studios to manage sound, Murphy said that while the efforts he and his team have gone to are “total nerd stuff”, it won’t be obvious to patrons: “All people will know is that they’re happy. They’ll not feel the unpleasantness [of sound levels in other bars]”.