Jamie T cleared of GBH over pub fracas

By | Published on Monday 7 March 2011

Jamie T

Jamie T – or Jamie Treays when he’s in the dock – was found not-guilty of GBH last week after a jury ruled he punched another man in a Brixton pub last May in self-defence.

The victim, Giles Curties, needed surgery to treat a double jaw fracture after his run-in with Treays last summer. But the jury believed the singer-songwriter’s claims that he acted in self-defence after Curties first stole his drink, and then reacted angrily when he tried to get it back. Treays said he only threw a punch because he feared he was about to be headbutted by the drink thief.

According to the Daily Mirror, Treay’s was cleared of the charges relating to the incident at the Old Bailey on Thursday.