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Jamiroquai’s Jay Kay was not one of the “freaks” who stormed the US Capitol building

By | Published on Friday 8 January 2021


Jamiroquai’s Jay Kay has denied that he was part of the Trump mob that stormed the US Capitol building in Washington DC on Wednesday. Not that anyone thought he was. But one member of said mob resembled him a bit and a joke was made about it. And I guess it’s for the best to clear it up anyway.

“Some of you may be thinking you saw me in Washington … but I’m afraid I wasn’t with all those freaks”, he said in a mock American accent in a video posted on Twitter. The rest of the video update was a run of the mill new year message to fans. But the key thing to remember is that the musician did not attempt to overthrow US democracy this week.

That’s not to say no musicians had a good go at tearing up the American constitution, though. Guitarist of metal band Iced Earth, Jon Schaffer, is now a “person of interest” in the police’s investigation into the attack, after he was photographed inside the Capitol building.

Other musicians also attended the pro-Trump protest against the presidential election result in the American capital on Wednesday, which led to the assault on the US Congress.

Indie musicians John Maus and Ariel Pink were also in attendance, it’s been revealed. No, surely not! Loveable indie stars John Maus and Ariel Pink? Not the Ariel Pink who once said that allowing gay people to marry someone they are sexually attracted to was the same as affording such rights to paedophiles and necrophiles? He’s turned out the be a deluded right winger? Who’d have thought it possible?

That said, writing on Twitter, Pink was keen to distance himself from the violence at the event, saying: “I don’t and never have advocated for violent confrontation or rioting. I was in DC to peacefully show my support for the President. I attended the rally on the White House lawn and went back to hotel and took a nap. Case closed”.

Having spent months inciting his supporters into violent action which – surprise, surprise – resulted in some violent action, there are now calls, of course, for Donald Trump to resign or to be forcibly removed from office.

Given that resignation is highly unlikely, the speediest way to get Trump out of the White House is for Mike Pence – Vice President and Trump’s newest verbal punch bag – to invoke the 25th amendment of the US constitution and persuade his cabinet colleagues to formally divest the President of all and any authority. But Pence is seemingly not keen on that proposal.

That means Congress will have to begin new impeachment proceedings against Trump. Either that, or just collectively hold their breath and cross their fingers for twelve days, desperately hoping that Trump and his supporters can’t cause too much more damage before Joe Biden takes over the top job on 20 Jan.

Two people who might be hoping that the latter approach is taken are rappers Lil Wayne and Kodak Black. Both are reportedly being considered for presidential pardons to absolve them of firearms charges on the final day of Trump’s presidency, according to Bloomberg.

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