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Japanese brands gain far less from boyband endorsements compared to girl groups, research finds

By | Published on Tuesday 26 January 2016


It may well have been their many lucrative brand partnerships that ultimately kept Japanese boyband SMAP together earlier this month, but new research reckons that male acts in the country provide a less good return on investment for brands than girl groups.

Endorsing products has long been par for the course for pop groups in Japan, and it’s an important part of the business for all the big acts. Though new research from Tokyo’s Custom Products Research reckons that girl groups can deliver a bigger share price boost to companies they endorse than boy bands, based on brand deal and share price data from 2015.

According to the Financial Times, the research calculated that SMAP contributed to a 17% share price increase last year for one of its endorsees, Seven & I Holdings, which ranked them thirteen in a list of 25 acts that provide the best value for brands. However, they were a long way off the number one act, AKB48, who apparently helped boost shares by up to 136%.

Not sure quite how much other factors were taken into account, but still, if SMAP do decide to call it quits, their current brand partners should probably call in the girl groups.