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Japan’s NexTone joins IMPEL

By | Published on Friday 20 November 2020


Japanese song rights agency NexTone has joined IMPEL, the organisation that negotiates direct deals in the digital domain on behalf of an assortment of independent music publishers.

NexTone is basically a privately owned collecting society which provides mechanical, digital and broadcast licensing services to an assortment of music publishers, as well as the music divisions of various gaming and animation companies in Japan.

The approximately 200,000 works it represents will now be included in the multi-territory deals that IMPEL negotiates with the big streaming platforms.

Announcing the deal, NexTone COO Yuji Arakawa said: “Digital services play a crucial role in the current music market, and digital service providers that operate multi-territory services have become more and more important. Amid such circumstances, this agreement between IMPEL and NexTone is of great significance for us. We are delighted that it will create new opportunities for a wider range of audiences around the world to listen to wonderful music by Japanese artists”.

Meanwhile IMPEL boss Sarah Williams added: “Concluding this deal with NexTone is an important and strategic step for IMPEL in developing its global reach. Not only is it an opportunity to optimise digital revenue for a significant part of the Japanese market but it also cements a relationship with an organisation that has a very similar philosophy to our own”.

“Both IMPEL and NexTone have started something new and different because they weren’t prepared to accept the status quo”, she goes on, “and they have both made strong commitments to a fair and equitable remuneration model that values the work of the creator in the digital environment. There is so much potential to be unlocked for both sides here, and we are very excited about the future”.