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Jax Jones launches his own label, WUGD

By | Published on Friday 4 June 2021

Jax Jones & Dan Stacey

Your old mate Jax Jones has just launched a brand new record label, albeit in partnership with the label he’s already signed to, that being Universal’s Polydor Records. Jones will run the WUGD label with his long-term manager Dan Stacey.

“Being an artist, I know the courage it takes to make it”, says Jones, real name Timucin Lam. “I want to create an environment for artists to blossom, with access to everything I can offer – from the expertise of my team to a personal relationship with me, free from interference and bullshit, because I believe that’s what it takes to make the best music”.

“And partnering up with Polydor means we can go the whole way round the world with you”, he goes on. “It’s like Kai says in the WUGD manifesto – we’ll find a way together”.

Ah yes, I forgot to mention that WUGD has a manifesto written by poet and activist Kai Isaiah Jamal. There will also be a bursary scheme and mentorship programme for young creatives starting out in the music business. Basically, the official blurb says, WUGD is on a mission to “amplify talent that needs to be heard and advocate for those with limited opportunities, creating a positive, long-lasting impact on the music industry”.

Stacey adds: “We want to help artists make their favourite music. That’s what has always driven Timz in his own career from day one, and I’m proud that WUGD will help other artists do the same. We both feel passionately about protecting the artists vision and creating opportunities for the next generation. Cut the crap. Enjoy it”.

The label’s first release is a new track from Jax himself called ‘Feels’, which appears on an upcoming EP titled ‘Deep Joy’. Other releases will then follow from artists on its launch roster, which includes System.Inc, Forever, Chaya and Teqkoi.