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Jay Sean on his Cash Money deal

By | Published on Monday 15 December 2008

Jay Sean has been talking to Undercover about his previously reported deal with US indie label Cash Money. As previously reported, Sean self-released his second album ‘My Own Way’ after parting company with EMI’s Virgin Records over artistic differences.

Cash Money, riding high on the back of huge commercial success with Lil Wayne, have signed up the US rights to that album.

Talking about how his deal with Cash Money came about, Sean told Undercover’s Paul Cashmere: “I was working with a production outfit called The Orange Factory. They are the guys who did three quarters of my album. I was working with them in New York where they are based and they are good friends with Slim and Baby from Cash Money”.

“He was talking to Slim, Slim asked him what he was working on and he said ‘Jay Sean from London’, so Slim said send some stuff over. Literally, within a week, Slim called and said he wanted me to come to Miami and meet the family. So we talked business and signed the deal”.

On working with the indie, he continued: “Their work ethic is work, work, work. Rest and you’re dead. They keep grinding. They keep working. They don’t rest of their laurels. A lot of people fall off when they have the success, they go and party and chill. Cash Money don’t”.

“They carry on working. That is the way my philosophy is as well. I’ve been doing this for 7 years. After 7 years I get signed to a label in America, but thank-God I got signed to the biggest label I could imagine at the moment, because I hung in there”.