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Jay-Z announces Obama inauguration gig

By | Published on Wednesday 7 January 2009

Live Nation has confirmed that Jay-Z will play a special concert at Washington’s Warner Theatre the night before the God-like Barak Obama becomes President of the USA.

Jay-Z, of course, was a vocal supporter of the new prez during the US election, encouraging his fans to register to vote and then put a cross next to Obama’s name, adding: “Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther King could walk. Martin Luther King walked so Obama could run, Obama’s running so we all can fly”.

For his part Obama let it be known he was a fan of the rapper’s work. When Mr Z’s man won the big vote he released a special online song to celebrate, though wasn’t seen when Obama gave his victory speech amid rumours the new president’s people had suggested his celebrity supporters stay away so not to steal the limelight from the new prez-elect.

The gig to celebrate the arrival of the new president to the White House will take place in the US capital on 19 Jan, the day before the inauguration. It’s not clear if the President-elect himself plans to attend.