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Jenny Hval announces new album, The Practice Of Love

By | Published on Thursday 11 July 2019

Jenny Hval has announced that she will release new album ‘The Practice Of Love’ later this year. Partly inspired by Valie Export’s 1985 film of the same name, the album features collaborations with Vivian Wang, Félicia Atkinson and Laura Jean.

“This all sounds very clichéd, like a standard greeting card expression”, says Hval. “But, for me, love, and the practice of love, has been deeply tied to the feeling of otherness. Love as a theme in art has been the domain of the canonised, big artists, and I have always seen myself as a minor character, a voice that speaks of other things”.

She continues: “In the last few years I have wanted to take a closer look at the practice of otherness, this fragile performance, and how it can express love, intimacy, empathy and desire. I have wanted to ask bigger, wider, kind of idiotic questions like: What is our job as a member of the human race? Do we have to accept this job, and if we don’t, does the pressure to be normal ever stop?”

The album is out on 13 Sep, and you can listen to first single, ‘Ashes To Ashes’, below. Hval is also set to play London’s Milton Court on 29 Sep.