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Jessie J loses voice, cancels shows

By | Published on Friday 12 July 2013

Jessie J

Jessie J missed a pair of singing appearances in Dublin and Paris earlier this week, the talkative star having been silenced by a sore throat. So it’s kind of like, first ‘The Voice’ lost her, and now she’s lost ‘it’. Ha ha ha.

Following an Insta-share from Dublin on Tuesday that her voice had “decided to be friends with the air con today and dry out to Marge Simpson vibes!” (lol), J confirmed yesterday that she’d had to cancel her shows in both the Irish and French capitals (in so doing disappointing fans who’d given their time via the OrangeRockCorps voluntary programme to earn tickets), but added that she’d be back “very soon”.

Jessie’s fans – her ‘heartbeats’ as she’d say if she was able to speak – are probably hoping ‘soon’ means as soon as tomorrow, when J is meant to be headlining Cornwall’s Eden Sessions.