Jessie J presenting new single via Facebook Live

By | Published on Friday 20 September 2013

Jessie J

Jessie J will reveal her brand new single at Britain’s first ever Facebook Live event, which will be streamed in real time next week, on 26 Sep at 3pm to be precise.

J, who’ll sing tracks from her new LP ‘Alive’ and stay for a Q&A with fans, expresses her excitement ahead of the big day by saying: “Taking part in Facebook Live lets me connect with millions of fans all over the world that I wouldn’t otherwise get the chance to. I’m looking forward to answering their questions, and meeting the fans who actually get to come along and listen to me perform a song from my new album”.

Elsewhere, a slightly less thrilled J was recently heard lamenting ‘Alive’ material leaking ahead of its 23 Sep release date, tweeting at the time: “The mystery in music is slowing disappearing. The big reveals don’t happen anymore, everything is so immediate! Social networking just makes everything so accessible. Such a shame”.

Yeah, a real shame.