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Jessie J to shave head

By | Published on Monday 17 September 2012

Jessie J

I’ve never been able to pinpoint just what it is I don’t like about Jessie J… maybe it’s that she isn’t sufficiently bald. I’ll soon know whether or not that’s it, because the ‘LaserLight’ popstar has placed a ‘Price Tag’ on her hair, and will be shaving it all off for Comic Relief. Every single strand.

J, who apparently promised last year she’d do it when the time was right, shared details of the charity ‘live-shave’ via Twitter, saying: “I am SO excited and honoured to be able to finally officially announce I will be shaving my head LIVE for you ALL to watch in March 2013 for Red Nose Day”.

She added: “Follow @rednoseday please and let’s make next year’s the BEST and most memorable but most of all it is ‘all about the money’ (this time)”.

If you’re curious as to what Jessie might look like sans hair, Gigwise has Photoshopped-up a potential answer.