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Jim Perkins announces new album, Pools

By | Published on Wednesday 28 August 2019

Jim Perkins

Composer Jim Perkins is set to release his third solo album, ‘Pools’, this autumn. The record sees him exploring the sounds of a chamber ensemble, with collaborators including Fiona Brice and Joanna Forbes L’Estrange.

Continuing to develop his approach of combining classical composition with modern studio production and sound design, Perkins aims not to be too rigid in the creative process. “A relaxed compositional framework leaves room for the serendipity of improvisation”, he says. “It facilitates a beautiful balance; music with purpose, music that breathes”.

As for the final result, he adds: “I want the listener to feel as if they are in the room with these instruments and surrounded by sound”.

The album is out on 3 Oct. Listen to first single, ‘Held’, here: