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Jimi Hendrix companies ally with Sony on merchandise

By | Published on Monday 16 December 2019

Jimi Hendrix

Sony Music’s increasingly expansive merchandise division The Thread Shop last week announced a new deal with the Jimi Hendrix estate that will see it design, develop and distribute merch products utilising the Hendrix brand on a global basis.

The agreement is with the Authentic Hendrix LLC and Experience Hendrix LLC companies, and expands the estate’s existing partnership with Sony. The deal, the official announcement declares, “marks the first time Hendrix’s legendary music, audio-visual releases, and authorised merchandise will be available in one place”.

Janie Hendrix, the late guitarist’s adopted sister, who heads up the estate’s two companies, adds: “It was a natural progression for us, really, and what you could call organic. We placed Jimi in good hands with Sony Music, so we are more than comfortable with expanding our relationship to merchandise”.

“Jimi’s persona encompassed more than music”, she goes on. “He had a sense of style that we want to continue to present to the world, boldly and vividly. We’re confident The Thread Shop will carry out the next level concepts we envision. With the list of artistic greats the Thread Shop represents, Jimi will be at home among giants”.

Confirming the deal for its side, The Thread Shop’s boss Howard Lau says: “We are incredibly excited and proud to be working with Janie and her team on Jimi’s merchandise. With such a legendary and timeless artist, we will honour Jimi and his music with tremendous respect and enthusiasm that will result in amazing merch that honours his legacy”.

The new deal around the Hendrix brand follows a recent legal settlement between the estate and Andrew Pitsicalis, who had an alliance with Hendrix’s brother Leon, and who had been exploiting that brand on various alcohol and marijuana products.

In that settlement Pitsicalis admitted that his business ventures with Leon infringed an assortment of trademarks and copyrights controlled by Experience Hendrix LLC, as well as Jimi Hendrix’s publicity rights in those US states where such rights exist posthumously.