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Joe Jackson wants to add AEG Live to his Murray lawsuit

By | Published on Monday 4 July 2011

Joe Jackson

Oh, well that’s not especially original, is it? Joe Jackson has asked for AEG Live to be added as a defendant on his wrongful death lawsuit against Doctor Conrad Murray, the doc in charge of Michael Jackson’s medical care at the time of his death two years ago.

As much previously reported, the late king of pop’s mother and Joe’s wife Katherine Jackson is already suing AEG Live over the death of her son, the logic being that if you can prove Murray caused MJ’s death by negligently administering the drug propofol, then as AEG was paying his fees at the time, it should be partly liable for his actions.

Murray, of course, denies causing the singer’s death, and is likely to claim in the criminal and both the civil court cases relating to his former patient’s demise that the pop star self-administered the drugs that killed him. Even if Murray were to be found liable for negligence, AEG will claim that the medic was appointed by Jackson himself, and his work was out of their control, therefore, the live music conglom will say, it can’t be held liable for the singer’s death.

Joe Jackson’s amended lawsuit against Murray and AEG will say the live music firm appointed the doc because the company was annoyed that treatment being given by his son’s existing medics was interfering with rehearsals for the singer’s mega-residency at London’s The O2. Presumably Mr Jackson is following his wife’s lead in targeting AEG after recognising that, even if he were to win his lawsuit against Murray, the doc’s finances are limited, whereas the live music firm could afford substantial damages.

According to reports, Murray’s legal reps say they have no problem with AEG being named as a co-defendant, but the proposal still needs court approval. As previously reported, Murray’s lawyers have already issued papers requesting Joe Jackson’s lawsuit be dismissed, based partly on those allegations Michael Jackson self-administered the fatal drug dose, and partly on claims that – given he was estranged from his son – Jackson Senior is not eligible to claim.