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Joe Jackson wants up to $500 million from Murray lawsuit

By | Published on Thursday 21 October 2010

Michael Jackson’s father Joe is looking for up to $500 million in compensation in his previously reported wrongful death lawsuit against Dr Conrad Murray, which seems rather optimistic.

Murray, of course, is accused of being negligent in administering the shot of surgical anesthetic Propofol that ultimately killed Jacko. The singer was taking the drug as a cure for insomnia. The criminal case against the Doc is ongoing, but Jackson Snr has already launched civil proceedings, based on the fact his son was providing him with financial support at the time of his death despite the two men’s famously fractious relationship.

According to TMZ, Joe Jackson’s legal papers demand damages of between $10 million and $500 million, which seems like quite a large margin. He says he is due damages not only because his son’s death cut of a source of financial income, but also for the emotional distress and “loss of comfort and companionship” caused by Michael’s untimely demise. 

Murray denies liability for Michael Jackson’s death, and even if he was found at fault in Joe Jackson’s civil case, his people say the doctor has no money and that his insurance company are unlikely to pay out on this one either.