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Jury in place for Jacksons v AEG Live

By | Published on Tuesday 23 April 2013

Michael Jackson

The jury is now in place for the big Jacksons v AEG Live court case. Agreement was reached by both sides on which six men and six woman should sit on the jury for the case sooner than initially expected, though reserve jurors are still to be appointed.

As much previously reported, the Jackson family says that AEG should accept liability for the death of Michael Jackson in 2009, because it – as promoter of the late king of pop’s ill-fated This Is It show – hired Conrad Murray, the doctor convicted of causing the singer’s demise through negligent treatment. But AEG counters that, while it paid Murray’s bills, Jackson himself appointed and managed the doctor on a day-to-day basis.

The court battle is expected to last for up to three months, and could include many juicy revelations about what went on behind the scenes as preparations were made for the This Is It shows that were due to take place in London at AEG’s O2 Arena. Revelations about Jackson’s dependencies on certain prescription drugs, referenced in, though generally kept off the agenda at, Murray’s criminal trial, may also be made during the civil court case.

If they are successful, the Jacksons plan to push for up to $40 billion in damages, an extravagant and unrealistic claim, but one that would give the court battle even more razzle dazzle.

A pool of over 100 candidates were put forward for the jury that will rule on the legal battle. Many said that sitting in on what will likely be a three month case would cause them hardship and were excused. Others were rejected after admitting in a questionnaire to having preconceptions about Jackson and his lifestyle, or negative opinions about any lawsuit that seeks mega-buck damages. A few more were rejected because of links of one kind or another to AEG or the wider Jackson family.

Work will now begin on appointing reserve jurors, just in case, after which we’ll expect a proper start date for what could be a very curious court case indeed.