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Justin Bieber releases 75 second new single, I Feel Funny

By | Published on Wednesday 27 April 2022

Justin Bieber - I Feel Funny

Justin ‘The Bieberman’ Bieber has released a new track, which he believes will go “straight to number one”. It is 75 seconds long, playing straight into the almost non-existent attention span of today’s TikTok-addled youth. This is the future of music, people.

Now, some or all of that previous paragraph may indeed be true. Although with this speedy new Bieber track – called ‘I Feel Funny’ – really the focus is the video which also acts as a teaser for his actual next single, ‘Honest’, featuring Don Toliver.

Teaser videos, as we all know, are generally pointless pieces of shit that should be banned. However, in this case, when the video is it’s own standalone piece of utter nonsense, maybe it should be allowed to pass.

“Justin randomly texted me this song one day and said, ‘Should we do a visual to this? Song straight to number one’”, explains the video’s director Cole Bennett. “We joked around about doing a video for it but never did”.

Until, that is, Bieber and Bennett were working on some final bits and pieces for the video for that aforementioned new single ‘Honest’. “We had a bit of time switching over from scene to scene”, the director explains. “So, I went into his trailer and said, ‘Remember that song you sent me? Let’s shoot a video for it on my phone in between takes of the actual video’. The rest was history”.

History indeed. The song itself is also available – sans phone-filmed visuals – on all your favourite streaming services, so we’ll see if it does indeed make it to number one. It would be quite funny if it did better than ‘Honest’, but we’ll see.

Best bet is to start by watching the ‘I Feel Funny’ video here: