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Justin Bieber sues over sexual assault allegations

By | Published on Friday 26 June 2020

Justin Bieber

As promised, Justin Bieber has launched legal action over those accusations of sexual assault that were made against him via Twitter last weekend. The two defendants are listed as ‘Jane Doe’, as the owners of the two social media accounts that posted claims against him have not yet been identified. The legal papers suggest that they may be the same person or two people working together.

Earlier this week, Bieber posted a series of tweets denying a claim that he sexually assaulted a fan at the Four Seasons hotel in Austin, Texas in 2014. Saying that it was “factually impossible” for this to have happened, despite him being in the city at the time, he posted various documents supporting his defence.

The anonymous claim was posted by someone identifying themselves only as ‘Danielle’, and the Twitter account they used had been deleted before Bieber even responded.

As well as ‘Danielle’, a second defendant named Kadi is included in the lawsuit. After the original claim was posted, she posted a statement of her own. In it, she said that she believed ‘Danielle’ and wrote her own account of an alleged attack by Bieber in a hotel room. This was also later deleted.

Bieber says that Kadi is a superfan who has waited outside hotels for him on a number of occasions. Despite this, he says, they have never met. In fact, it is noted, she has posted a number of tweets since the date of her alleged attack saying that she has never met Bieber and one day hopes to.

In the lawsuit, Bieber says Kadi’s claims are also impossible, because when that assault is alleged to have taken place he was at a Met Gala afterparty, and he has photographic evidence to prove it.

The lawsuit, according to TMZ, calls the second claim “an elaborate hoax” and an “impossibility – a poor, but damaging, fabrication”. It also posits that Kadi was in fact also behind the original accusation, or that she is working in coordination with another fan in an effort to damage his reputation.

Bieber is seeking $20 million in damages.