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Justin Bieber’s hair sells for $40,000

By | Published on Thursday 3 March 2011

Justin Bieber

A lock of Justin Bieber’s hair has sold for $40,668. That’s just short of £25,000. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, if we could catch him and shave him, we could be millionaires. That stuff is literally growing out of him! Of course, thoughts like that are wrong and shouldn’t be encouraged.

As previously reported, Bieber’s trademark haircut was cut down for a new, shorter look during a video shoot last week. The teen pop star then scooped up the removed hair from the floor and took a lock of it round to Ellen DeGeneres, who promptly put it up on eBay. That’s generally behaviour considered rude when someone is given a gift, but apparently that’s what he wanted her to do.

That was on Wednesday, and by Sunday the hair was already up to a high bid of $12,000. Yesterday evening it had reached $18,000, which seemed pretty impressive, but it then leaped up over the $40,000 mark with just 35 seconds to go.

All money raised will be donated to The Gentle Barn Foundation, which provides a safe haven for abused animals and children.

It’s not known who the winning bidder is. Presumably either a celebrity memorabilia archivist, a cloning scientist, someone hoping to gain eternal life by eating the hair, or a parent who hasn’t yet noticed their credit card has gone missing. If it’s the latter, they’ll be pleased to know there’s a three day money back guarantee.

Let’s take a look at that lock of hair in action, back when it was still attached to Bieber’s head.