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Justin Timberlake buys into AfterMaster audio co

By | Published on Thursday 20 November 2014

Justin Timberlake

Having possibly slowly and quietly backed off (as one might from a rabid wolf) from his role as flashy promotional prop to the still-ailing Myspace, popstar, actor and man Justin Timberlake is now chancing his arm at the ‘audio quality enhancement’ game, having joined tech company AfterMaster Audio Labs Inc as a co-owner.

Timberlake says: “I’m thrilled to be a part of this groundbreaking company. The first time I heard audio, post AfterMaster, I knew that I had to be a part of this company and that we had something revolutionary on our hands”.

So speaks a changed man. And now to hear from another, AfterMaster CEO Larry Ryckman, an old hand at the audio business having, along with AfterMaster’s head engineer Shelly Yakus, launched audio tech company QSound along with present-day Beats chief Jimmy Iovine all the way back in 1986.

Ryckman says: “Justin is an audiophile. He really understands quality audio. We’ve worked with the world’s biggest artists, and not all of them have a focus on audio quality on their own; they look to their producers and their engineers. Justin loves technology, completely understands audio and he’s very powerful and respected in the entertainment community”.

The software format of AfterMaster, via which musicians can upload songs, generate a remastered version and opt either to pay to download it or not, will be available next month. Products like headphones, TVs and mobiles containing an AfterMaster chip, meanwhile, will follow early next year.

In the meantime, fans of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ can get a taste of the wonders AfterMaster has wrought on the first 20 seconds of the track via the ‘listen’ page on the company’s site. I mean wow, that creaking door sound is MIND-BLOWING in high quality.