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!K7 announces Luaka Bop and Sonic Cathedral partnerships

By | Published on Friday 2 August 2013


!K7 yesterday announced new “strategic label partnerships” (which are my favourite kind of label partnerships) with David Byrne’s New York-based Luaka Bop label and London-based indie Sonic Cathedral.

Under the new partnerships, !K7 will provide label services to both new partners, helping them develop and market their acts and releases, and in the case of Luaka Bop specifically aiding growth in the European market.

Confirming that deal, Yale Evelev of Luaka Bop told CMU: “In our 25 years in existence we’ve been searching, reverse Cortez like, to reach the pot of gold, that is the hordes of open-minded European consumers interested in the compelling oddities we put forth. We are looking forward to this team of X-Men and Women at !K7 to prove that mutant labels like ours can be heroes”.

Meanwhile Nathaniel Cramp of Sonic Cathedral said: “I’m really excited to be working with !K7. It allows me to release some incredible records from new bands like Younghusband and also work with some of my heroes like Dean Wareham. It’s an important and big step forward and feels like the label is finally growing up”.

And for !K7’s part, the boss there, Horst Weidenmuller, told CMU: “Welcoming these two labels with differing styles is a compliment to our diversity. Everybody at !K7 is excited to work with Yale and his team plus the rich history and strong A&R vision that comes with Luaka Bop. We are also very keen to help develop Sonic Cathedral and Younghusband to the recognition they deserve, working with Nat on a global marketing plan which will bring the label and it’s artists to the next level”.