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!K7 announces Tricky alliance

By | Published on Thursday 14 February 2013

Tricky & !K7

!K7 has announced a new partnership with Tricky, which will see the German independent provide a “global artist and label services platform” to power the trip hop veteran’s own label False Idols, which will release his new studio album later this year.

Confirming the new alliance, Phil Howells, A&R at !K7 Records, told CMU: “We are extremely thrilled to have such an inspiring and creative artist such as Tricky joining the !K7 family and our boutique artist/label service. We are able to offer him full use of the !K7 label team and access to the global distribution structure to help him launch a wealth of young new creative talent on the new label. We believe this offers Tricky the best of both worlds: he has total creative freedom but with a huge amount of support from us”.

Tricky himself added: “I’ve been waiting a long time to be able to release my own music. With Chris Blackwell [at Island Records] I had real freedom and only the music mattered. In the last few years I was in a record deal but my vision and goals were not the same as the label, so it became just business and paying the rent”.

He continued: “Partnering with !K7 has put me back to where the music matters, and it shows with my new album. Having ideas that never come to fruition is one of the worst things that can happen to an artist, and now with !K7 I can be me. I’m not just made of music, I have other ideas for visuals, artwork and words; people are made up of many things so you just need to let them breathe. I have some great talent around me, artists I really respect and love and with False Idols, I will allow them to showcase their talent without being restricted”.