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!K7 celebrates DJ Kicks landmark with DJ top trumps game

By | Published on Friday 3 July 2015

!K7 cards

!K7 recently released the 50th edition of its seminal mix album series ‘DJ-Kicks’ with a mix from that there DJ Koze. Which is exciting in itself.

But to promote the 50th edition landmark, the label has also put out a new set of DJ top trump cards, with 20 of the deejays and producers who have mixed a ‘DJ Kicks’ record over the years featured. The cards list the DJs’ all important stats like longest track length and social media count.

As Resident Advisor has noted, !K7 did something very similar in 1995, with the likes of Sven Väth, Derrick May and Richie Hawtin included that time round. Though no social media stats, obviously. Not even Geocity residents.

The new cards are currently being distributed with every purchase from !K7’s online store.