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!K7 launches new division focused on neo-classical

By | Published on Friday 16 December 2016


Independent music firm !K7 has launched a new division called 7K! which will put the focus on the contemporary classical music movement, or ‘neo-classical’ if you prefer, which it’s always possible that you might. The new division will include a label, a sync and label services business, and an artist management unit.

Announcing the new venture, !K7 said that “having worked with German trio Brandt Brauer Frick over the last six years, !K7 has been an innovative force in the contemporary classical movement since before the genre had a name. In order to build on that experience and to offer the best possible service to artists and signings in this vein we have launched 7K!”

The new venture’s first release will be an album from Italian composer and multi-instrumentalist Luca D’Alberto, who is also managed by 7K! Horst Weidenmüller, !K7’s CEO, says that on hearing D’Alberto’s music his team quickly “said to each other ‘we have to work with Luca – he’s genius'”, but that “no one felt confident to A&R his album”.

“So I ended up listening to days worth of music and became the executive producer for this album”, he continues. “A job I’d never done before within my company. This new experience opened me up to so many amazing sounds that I decided to dedicate an entire department to this beautiful music”.

As for deciding to brand that entire department as !K7 written backwards, he adds: “The reason why we chose to mirror the !K7 brand with 7K! is because this music speaks to the !K7 audience, but it is not ‘!K7’ in the strictest sense. But 7K! most certainly will mirror the world of !K7 in new classical music as well as in ambient and experimental projects. We want to show our audience that it is the same !K7 dedication and spirit behind the projects, but that it is also something different”.