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Kaiser Chiefs album release overshadowed by digital promo

By | Published on Monday 3 October 2011

Kaiser Chiefs

It’s funny how digital marketing plans that look good on paper can still backfire. The Kaiser Chiefs’ make-your-own-album plan, where they made 20 songs available and allowed fans to put together their own ten tracker, scored a little bit of media coverage when it went online. But seemingly only hardline fans (of which the band has less these days) were really interested, and the promotion overshadowed the proper release of the album a few weeks later. So much so, the band wish their label had waited until now to release the record containing their preferred ten tracks, when they could possibly have enjoyed some more coverage.

The band admitted to the Daily Star that the digital promotion had overshadowed the subsequent release of the album proper, so that many people didn’t know the actual record was available. Frontman Ricky Wilson continued: “Our record label wanted to release the CD in time for festival season so that everyone knew the new songs. I can see that logic, but I’d have waited to release the CD until now, once everyone got their heads around the digital release”.