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Kanye looks to Grammys to certify rock star status

By | Published on Thursday 25 October 2018

Kanye West

Kanye West has, on more than one occasion, proclaimed himself to be the world’s greatest rock star. Now he’s going for confirmation. He has reportedly submitted a track in two rock categories for next year’s Grammys.

‘Freeee (Ghost Town, Pt. 2)’ is taken from West’s album with Kid Cudi, ‘Kids See Ghosts’. According to TMZ, it has been submitted for Best Rock Song and Best Rock Performance. It’s apparently made it through the initial submissions process, and now just needs to gain enough support to make it onto the shortlists, which will be published in December.

West wouldn’t be the first non-traditional rock performer to receive a nomination in the rock categories. In 2017, Beyonce was nominated for Best Rock Performance for her song ‘Don’t Hurt Yourself’. That featured a bit of singing from Jack White, which probably helped. This year Leonard Cohen won that prize posthumously for ‘You Want It Darker’, whose status in rock was debated by many.

There are some things going for ‘Freeee’ too. It is quite rocky in sound and structure. And maybe this is the innovation some feel rock needs to embrace in order to survive. Also, if West was nominated, people would get really angry and upset. It’s funny when people get angry about awards, like they hold any significance whatsoever. And for that reason, I hope West wins everything.

Except I don’t think he’s entered every category, sadly. He has reportedly put himself up for Producer Of The Year though.