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Kanye West says he still plans to vote for Donald Trump

By | Published on Friday 17 April 2020

Kanye West

In recent weeks, Donald Trump has become an increasingly difficult man to support as US President. Which is pretty impressive if you’re starting point was that of most people. But he still has his supporters. Can you name one? That’s right, Kanye West.

Speaking to GQ, West said that he intends to vote in the 2020 US presidential election – because, despite all his bluster last time around, he didn’t actually cast a vote in 2016.

“I’m definitely voting this time”, he says. “And we know who I’m voting on. And I’m not going to be told by the people around me and the people that have their agenda that my career is going to be over. Because guess what: I’m still here! ‘Jesus Is King’ was number one! I was told my career would end if I [didn’t support Hillary Clinton]. What kind of campaign is that, anyway? That’s like if Obama’s campaign was ‘I’m with black’. What’s the point of being a celebrity if you can’t have an opinion? Everybody make their own opinion! You know?”

Sure. Whatever you reckon. But what is it that’s so great about Donald Trump? “I buy real estate”, says West. “It’s better now than when Obama was in office. They don’t teach you in school about buying property. They teach you how to become somebody’s property”.

You could argue that property procurement lessons aren’t going to be that valuable for the majority of people. But I’m not sure arguing with Kanye West is that valuable either. I mean, you could try arguing that Donald Trump is racist, but West won’t be drawn on that one.

“I am the founder of a $4 billion organisation, one of the most Google-searched brands on the planet, and I will not be told who I’m gonna vote on because of my colour”, he says. “Now, if that speaks to you, cool. But I’m speaking for myself”.

Of course, if things carry on as they are, Donald Trump’s increasing raving paranoia might have caused him to implode into a big pile of dust before West gets a chance to vote for him. But anyway, hey, who remembers when Kanye said we wasn’t going to talk about politics anymore?