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Kanye West says signing Big Sean to GOOD Music was “the worst thing I’ve ever done”

By | Published on Friday 5 November 2021

Kanye West

Kanye West is not best pleased about Big Sean leaving his GOOD Music label. Or maybe he is. Either way, he’s now said that signing Big Sean back in 2007 was “the worst thing I’ve ever done”.

West was speaking on the latest episode of the ‘Drink Champs’ podcast, which aired this morning. It follows Big Sean’s recent confirmation that he’s now departed West’s label where he’d spent his entire recording career to date, in order to “start getting a bigger cut” of his recording revenues.

When he said this last week, Sean claimed that whatever record company he was now aligned to, GOOD Music was “a forever brotherhood”. He might want to run that past Kanye though, he seems none too happy with both Sean and another artist who recently left GOOD, that being John Legend. Not least because neither of them backed him when he ran for US President last year.

“Nah, look, I know [Legend’s] mama”, says West in the interview. “I’ve changed this man’s family. And both John Legend and Big Sean, when I ran for office, got used quick by the Democrats to come at the boy that actually changed their life and that’s some sell out shit. And I don’t rock with neither of them and I need my apologies”.

If you’re wondering what Sean might have to say in response, you’ll have to wait a little bit longer. And probably also sign up to the ‘Drink Champs’ podcast. Shortly before the latest episode of said podcast dropped, Sean revealed that he had suspicions about what was about to happen, tweeting: “I just got asked to be on the next ‘Drink Champs’, so I’m assuming Ye [is] talkin crazy”.

After the episode came out, he posted pictures showing that he’d been with West after the interview was recorded, adding that his former label boss had said none of this to his face, and that: “I can’t wait to go on ‘Drink Champs’ now”.

So that should be fun. If you’re wondering how we’re sure that those images posted by Sean are so recent, another person who can be seen in them is Marilyn Manson. The rock star – who is accused by numerous women of sexual assault – joined West in a prayer circle at his Sunday Service event last weekend.

A spokesperson for Sunday Service told People that Manson had been an “integral part” of the show and that it was “nobody’s business” if the famously anti-Christian musician had now turned to Jesus. One of the women suing Manson, Ashley Morgan Smithline, told the publication that seeing him welcomed into a prayer circle with West and Justin Bieber – who was also in attendance – was “like being retraumatised”.

Elsewhere in the ‘Drink Champs’ episode, West defends his willingness to appear publicly with Manson – though specifically he was referring to having the musician with him during one of his listening events for latest album ‘Donda’. The pair were also joined on that occasion by DaBaby, who had just been criticised for making homophobic comments on stage at the Rolling Loud festival.

“When I sit next to Marilyn Manson and DaBaby, right after both of them got cancelled, for five songs, you know, it’s like they can’t cancel a song”, he says.

Turning to the accusations against Manson, he goes on: “They’ll hit you with the accusations of somebody who you was with ten years ago. And also, there’s women who’ve been through very serious things, pulled in alleys against their will – that’s different than a hug, but it’s classified as the same thing. It’s power and politics. You know, power-hungry maniacs and just control. This is 1984 mind control we’re in”.

Just to be absolutely clear, Marilyn Manson is not the subject of several lawsuits and one criminal case at the moment because he really likes hugs.

West also mentions politics several times during the ‘Drink Champs’ interview, and at one stage admits that he remains a Donald Trump supporter – despite running against the former US President in last year’s election – saying: “I still got a red hat on today. I’ll let y’all know that. I might not got it on, but I’ll let y’all know where I stand”.

I think it’s fair to say – just from the topics covered in this one edition of the ‘Drink Champs’ podcast – there’s plenty of room for debate on what exactly is “the worst thing” West has ever done. Though, I’m proposing, it’s not signing Big Sean.

Watch the full interview here: